column chart X axis issues (string + int)

I have a column chart with an X axis field that is a string. The values of these records are as follows: “Q1’ 2019”, “Q4’ 2018”, “Q3’ 2018”, “2018”, “2017”, “2016”   Basically it’s a chart that reports numbers based on the last three quarters and the last three years. Those years obviously look like int’s, but the entity field is a string. I even wrap the values in INT’s when setting them via microflow (thats the datasource, not the DB). However the last three don’t show up on the graph.  IF I append a string to them like “FY” + “ “ + $Year, ($year being a string variable). They DO show up on the graph.  Is this a known bug that if an Axis is a string, by the strings “LOOK” like a mix of text and numbers, the numbers get ignored?
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Any solution?