How to add item in wishlist

so here in my app I tried to create wishlist, but i am facing issue in it while creating course upload i used the domain model that contains the property of (System.FileDocuments) and it has attributes like course_name,course_details, course_price ,so while creating course upload i used a blank page and divided that blank page into two part with the help of layout grid,then in first half i used list view and with the help automative fill i filled out all information of my domain model named (Add_course), that i mentioned earlier in above , and as i require to show only course_name and course_price so i deleted all other information from list view, and then in second half of page i used data view and used the option listen tom widget option to drag all the information from list view that is present in lest side of it, by using option listen to widget,   so please any one can suggest what to do to create wishlist for above course upload part, and please provide microflow also
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