Mindsphere App credentials page does not come up during local testing

Experts,        I have a mendix project which already had Mindsphere UI Resource, Mindsphere OS bar connector and Mindsphere SingleSignon included in it and its a working project. As long as I have these in place, when run locally, I had no issues getting the MS App Credentials page to begin with. That way I could get the access token.       Recently, we included Teamcenter connector to our project and this needs Atlas UI Resource as a dependent package. I included this as a module package. The moment I did that, it renamed my existing theme folder to “theme_old” and put in a new theme folder in my project location.  Then, as per the documentation I added the MS Singlesignon, MS theme UI and OS Bar related stuff in the index.html file under the new theme folder. Also, updated the index.html to call mindspherelogin.html instead of the default login.html.      Also, I made sure that in Mendix project settings, I am calling MindSphereSingleSignOn.RegisterSingleSignOn in the after startup field. Plus, I also set the “AskForCredentialsAfterStartup” field to true.      The question is, after following all the steps suggested per the documentation, I am not able to get the MS app credentials page when I run it locally.      Any help on how to get this working, will be really appreciated.   
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actually I think you are on a good track. I guess something is still missing in the index.html. Maybe take the old one ore compare the two versions to figure out what is missing.