Dev menu in Mendix studio

Hi, I have already deployed my application in Acceptance instance environment. But I missed something and because of that I am unable to deploy my latest changes on cloud. I followed all steps like created package and transmit application into Acceptance instance, while restarting application I saw error: “The application did not become available after restart. Please check the log file and the alerts page for the cause of the problem. Also when I am downloading my application from team server then I saw new menu in my mendix studio that is Dev Menu as shown in below screenshot:   I did not understand the meaning Dev menu in Dev mode what exactly it is and why it is showing me now? and What I need to do to deploy my latest change on Acceptance environment?  
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Ignore the Dev mode. It refers to Mendix Studio itself. No idea why this shows up. Back to your main issue:

There is a number of possible reasons why ACCP does not start up. Check the logfile in sprintr → Apps → your project → logs. That is where you will see the cause of your problem.