Constrained by search dropdowns?

Constrained by drop downs work great on an edit form for setting related attributes (like Project and Release, where many Releases are related to a single Project). However, it doesn't seem like this kind of functionality is available on datagrid searching. Ideally the Release dropdown in the search view should filter to those Releases related to the selected Project. Is there some xpath magic I can weave here?
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Currently it is not possible to constrain a dropdown search field by another dropdown search field in a datagrid. Please add a feature request to our Partner Portal.


I'm not sure I understand your question. You want the Search Field of a datagrid to be constrained by the object selected in the datagrid? Seems like a strange use-case as having an object selected would negate the use of the search field, as you've already found a/your object... Also, if your search would activate when you select an object, the datagrid would reload and you'd lose your selected object etc.

What you could do is have a dataview that listens to your datagrid and have that view in turn contain its own datagrid.