How to make editable template grid values?

I have a template grid that displays an array of data in different columns. Is there any way to make these fields editable, so that I could change them (like in excel)?
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Any reason you want to use the template grid instead of a normal grid? Because that last one you can edit the fields in the colums.





Hi Maxim, 

Good Day! A template grid only provides a View of the data like a DataGrid except you get more flexibility to arrange the values instead of a single row. If you want to edit the values you would have to create a Edit button and link a Edit page to it.

But from what I understand your requirement will more likely be fulfilled by using a List View, am not sure how the Entities are modelled but the List you are showing in template grid can be shown in a List View, make the List View editable and create a table as a container for Column Headings outside the List View.

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