Failing in creating a working copy from teamserver.

Hello, I want to create a working copy for a existing project using the mendix sdk. I was thinking using the following method in  SDK : createWorkingCopyFromTeamServer(...) The following code I used let workingCopyParameters: ICreateWorkingCopyFromTeamServerParameters = { teamServerBaseBranch: "Main line", teamServerGitUrl: "<some-id>", name: 'Some Name', projectId: 'Some Id' }; async function createWorkingCopy() { client.model().createWorkingCopyFromTeamServer(workingCopyParameters).then(copy => { }).catch(reason => { console.log(JSON.stringify(reason)); }); calling this resulted in a response with the status 400. ‘{"error":{"name":"MS400","message":"You must be a backend user to send projectId metadata when creating a working copy.","code":400,"error":…...' This seems to indicate that what I want to do is not allowed. Can this role not be obtained by non-mendix backend developers? Can I still make it work? or is the only way to send a MPK file to the API ? Regards, Jan Martijn  
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A colleague helped me and what I was looking for was the code below.

let project = new Project(client, projectId, projectName);

await project.createWorkingCopy().then(copy => {...})