Understanding Threadpool Trend

Hi everybody, I'm working on a project where we just added an extra container and after two weeks I'm looking at the trends to check how the app has improved.  However I'm quite new to software development and Mendix so I have some trouble interpreting some of the trends. In particular the ‘Threadpool for handling external requests’ trend. I can't really share a screenshot so hopefully I can explain the situation well enough. Before the container was added the ‘Active threads’ line was under the ‘Minimum threads’ line with the threadpool size just above the minimum , what does that mean? Now with the new container the ‘Active threads’ and ‘Threadpool size’ lines are parallel and just above the ‘Minimum threads’ line. Does this mean the application could not handle all the API calls without the new container and now it can? All the lines are really nowhere near the ‘Max threads’ line, with or without container.   Thank you for your help!
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Please have a look at this page for an explanation of the different trends in the monitoring section:


Hope this provides a start of an understanding of threadpools.

For a more in depth insight have a read through the following page e.g.: