Missing Nightly Backups

Hello, I made a mistake in backing up some theme work before reinstalling atlas.  So I went to download the latest backup.  It’s a free app, so I expected to lose a bit of work from the time between the nightly snapshot and now, but so be it!  However, when I go to load the backups, I see that there only appear to be 3 backups—not a nightly record, and the last backup is from a week ago!  In other apps, I’ve seen this list sometimes take some time to load, but I’ve let it be now for several minutes, tried refreshing numerous times and each time, it finds only 3 backups!     Appreciate any suggestions on how I can access the backup or otherwise restore overwritten scss files and settings.json (Edit → I found the theme_old folder so I can copy in old files / styling; still would like to know where the backups are!).   Thanks!
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These backups are of the app environment, data and the used deployment package.

The model is versioned on the teamserver. Thus if you want to revert back to an older version of your model, or related files such as your theme, you need you pick a older version of your teamserver versions and either revert back commits or make a branch of that version and extract your files from the local repository.

Reason there are missing backups of your environment can be because your app wasn’t running in the missing days at all. Since its a free environment and the server terminates after 2 hrs.