What is Story points?

This https://docs.mendix.com/developerportal/collaborate/stories says  Story points mean “the size of the story”. But I can’t make out what “the size” means. What is the standard? Duration or the number of people?
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When you are not sure about the Story points and what basis you want to assign points to that, you need to know what is agile.  I believe this iink will help you to understand what you are looking for 



Still, just a heads up from my end is like,  In agile the efforts that will be needed to finish a story card is what story points is. But how to provide story points to your cards. 

well this is  a big thing to start, usually you need to prepare your cards( your product backlog) and choose a trump card and put is aside and then start lifting the other cards compare the time complexity and the efforts needed to  finish the card and start giving the points as you wish, if you feel like fine this task might take a two or three days you can give 2 to 3 points, if the cards might take a few days to finish then you can give 5 points, but if the card needs most of the sprint time then you can allocate 8 points to that. My Suggestion is like , the highest pointer card should be a 8 pointer if you want to give moe points to a card (more than 8  points) split the card into two cards so that the time will be given on equity.


Hope this clears all your doubts….


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Hi Chihiro,

The following documentation will help you to understand the Agile Framework