How To Refresh a Data grid

Hi Experts, I need some of your help. The scenario is I added data grid inside the data view for adding property details (Online Loan application form for Anonyms  users). The requirement is that the data present inside the data grid should be disabled each time when the new users (anonyms users) reaches the same page. How can I achieve this ? Thanks In Advance.
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I think you are looking for restricting access and available actions for anonymous users

Please see the above link for configuring module security. You can add security based on user roles to your pages accessible from datagrid (like add, edit etc). Also you can set entity access rules which defines who can create, read, write or delete objects of an entity. 

If further you want to show your rows looking greyish/disabled, you may define a custom css class and add some css for it to change row color and mouse pointer when hovering it.