Android build (hybrid) does not accept password

We have a build for Apple and Android and the Apple build lets me login, but the android will not. A collegue of mine tried it and he could login, on the same tablet I was trying it on. I have still not been able to login once on the device. It does not appear to be account related as I’m perfectly able to login using the same account on an apple device, or from the desktop. On android its just not working. Anyone having similar experience?  EDIT: Ive gotten the password from my colegue, I can succesfully login his account. When I change my own account to his password, it still does not let me login. Both users are the same. No difference as far as I can see. This is gettin gweirder by the minute...
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Did you try clearing the data of your app on android? Perhaps some old user information is still stored there.