Getting Header Response from GET API

Hi Everyone, I am using a GET API in my app from which I want to get the Header (Key-Value pair) response, so for that i have used below activity in microflow and from ‘HttpHeaderList’ i am extracting the Header Response using loop. So i wanted to know this approach is right or I need to do something else because the header response which i am getting in mendix is varying from the Header Response which i am getting when I am running the GET API in Postman. I have to fetch one token value from header response which I am using as a header (key-value) input in other POST API. But when i am running it in Postman i am getting different token and in Mendix i am getting different Token at the same time. So anyone can tell that the approach which I am using for getting the header response is right and if its wrong then can anyone suggest the right approach. I am using Mendix 8.12.1 version for my app.  
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Seems about right. From my knowledge webservers partially determine the HTTP headers coming in from the response as well. Postman doesn’t have a webserver in between, like a Mendix app has, so definitely the headers you collect via either route can differ.