Creating table in Email Body

Hi, I am using Email Template module to send email in my application. I want to know if Mendix supports ‘table’ in the body of the email. If possible, then how can we create one?   Thanks, Anjali
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Hi Anjali,

Yes, you can set the HTML body of your e-mail and include tables.

  • I assume you can add tables having static text using the CKEditor
  • Some simple tables you could model yourself using the HTML-tags <table><tr><th><td> etc.
  • For more extensive tables you could make use of the document template functionality of Mendix:
    • Create a Document Template and fill this according your needs (Mendix native functionality)
    • In the microflow sending the e-mail, call the Generate Document action and put the html-output in your HTML body of your e-mail

Hopefully this helps!

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There was another recent Forum question about how to do this.  Here is how I’ve done it in one of my apps:​​​​​​

The overall microflow:


Beginning of the table

Adding one row in the table


Finishing the table

Once I’ve done this, the email is sent with an HTML body and the table appears in the email like this

There may be a more elegant way to do this, but this method works.

Hope that helps,



If you want to change the table in an email edit page, you need to add your table styling again. Otherwise, the table is showing in the email but without lines. To prevent this add a string in de table which you can replace after changing the table. When sending the email use the 'regexReplaceAll' to find the set string and replace it with the right table styling. This way the table always have the right styling whether you adjust the table or not.