Reference selector via Page with Microflow + search

Hi,   Ik have a problem with my Reference Selector. Cannot select an object in the list.   I have a reference selector "Using a Page”, in that page i had a listview via Microflow. Selecting an object was possible, but the search was not available (due to the list via microflow)   To solve this search issue, I added a Dataview around the list with a "Searchinput” + microflow to refresh the list. List + Search works fine, but now I am not able to select a listview item anymore. So apparently a reference selector shouldn't contain a data view.   What is the best way to add a seach in this situation ?        
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If you want to use the default select button, then indeed adding a dataview to the page won’t work:

Instead if you want to go this route, you should customize some more and create a custom select button yourself. In the microflow behind it you can add the selected objects to the association. 


Use the searchinput object as helper object and set a reference to the result. This way you can retrieve the result over association and use a on change action to retrieve the objects and set the reference from those objects to the helper object.