Dropdown selection for images in Template Grid

I have an entity with generalization from the Image entity, I use it to store images. I want to show the image on the page, and select it in a dropdown. I tried template grid, but allows only searching by typing the name. Is there any way to implement a dropdown selection?
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Dropdown selections are used in a template grid’s searchbar for references and it seems that you want to have a template grid displaying a lsit of the image specialization records.

An option could be to associate the images to another record, display these in a template grid, but don’t use any of the associated object in the template grid itself. The the option to select the image from a dropdown would be possible.

Do keep in mind though that when large amounts of image records need to be selected by means of a dropdown will impair the performance of the page.

Not knowing the complete use case this could be a feasible option or at least provide some idea on how to move forward, I hope.