XPath - whats wrong here?

Hi, I try to retrieve a list of of children, which criterias match to the criterias of a vacant spot in a childcare facility.   They have the right gender for the open spot Their age is in the correct range (a spot is aviable for children from 3-6 years) Their parents want to start within a range of -1 months to +3 months of the date, when the spot becomes aviable.   Is this the correct approach for this idea? Or should I retrieve a list with the red-boxed part and filter it 3 times afterwards? Thank you!  
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You can create two variables with the correct dateranges before doing the xpath.

So create a datetime variablle using addMonths([%CurrentDateTime, -1)

And one using addMonths([%CurrentDateTime, 3)

And use these variables in your xpath.


I believe the condidtion in an xPath always needs to be set in square brackets. Meaning it should start with [ and end with ]. Your 'and' connector can just stay within these brackets. You cannot do [...] and [...] but should rather do [ ... and ... ] Hope that helps