Microsoft minded company: Mendix or Outsystems.....

Is it for an organization who is fully Microsoft minded easier to develop, maintain and intgerate with  Outsystems or with our precious Mendix. What ae the biggest differences.. I hope someone can help me answer this question. We try to convince this branche to use Mendix, but I am not sure about this one 
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Some assumptions to start

  • Integrate a Mendix app with Microsoft is possible.
  • Depending on Microsoft quirks it can demand technical intervention to get it working
  • Microsoft minded developers can learn Mendix


Easier to develop, can be answered from 2 perspective; technical and developer


Although I have limited experience; this is doable, Integrating with Microsoft is quite a generic statement, while it can be done in many ways;

  • SSO using the Active directory
  • Sharepoint – documents
  • Azure
  • …..

Some can be covert out of the box using appstore modules, some might require own custom Java.
But in general integrating with Microsoft should be possible.


I think the biggest question to be answered is; is the developer willing to adopt a low-code platform in general. 
Why would a developer switch from his beloved code/platform to Mendix?



Of course, asking this on a Mendix-forum, we will all cheer about Mendix, which is a great product. But if the company is Microsoft minded, they are likely to prefer .Net and PowerBI. That’s the first hurdle to overcome. And if they are in the process of choosing between Outsystems and Mendix: the first is a product built on .Net, the second is built on Java. So that would steer them towards OutSystems. To answer your question about “...integerate”, imho, Mendix has done a great job to facilitate creating and modifying interfaces and the DataHub is released, which adds lots of information and interfaces.


I believe it would be best if you contact Mendix sales in case of a question like this.