Mendix currentSession for Anonymous-users

Team, We are working on a POC and need your inputs here:  Use-Case: We enabled Anonymous-users flag in our application and so we want to distinguish/control/save these anonymous users actions(in our case, we also took user mobile number before entering into system). In order to achieve above, we tried to save user mobile number with sessionID(pulled from $currentSession variable) and for further actions more controlled using sessionID inside Microflow. We understood that, this sessionID returns unique ID for each client-browser and won't be duplicated at anytime, is that true ? Also, to handle above use-case, appreciate if you can suggest here any other better approaches.   Thanks.
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It is indeed true that sessionID are unique ID's. But I would attach the objects to the session with a reference. Then (assuming you want at some point transfer that data to a regular user) you can use the sign in microflow to retrieve those objects and attach it to the then regular user.