Problems with using new data view listening feature

I've used the new data view listening feature in a couple of places successfully to display related data and it works great. However, there is one situation where I can't get it to work - where I have more than one association between the parent data view and an embedded data grid. It looks like it is 'listening' to both associations, and not displaying any data. Is it possible to specify which association it listens to when there is more than one association? Details: See the form here and entities here. The Ticket Status object has related StatusTransitions objects. Each Transition object has 2 associations with the Ticket Status object - one defines the Start Status, and the other defines the allowed New Status.
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Sorry - I took another look at this and realized that the embedded data grid was wrong. This shows the corrected form here. The data grid source has been changed to the correct association. It now works correctly