Mendix Native - Take & Upload Image

Hello everyone I'm currently working on Mendix Native functionality to take a picture from within the app and to display this taken picture in the app. This is my nanoflow for the process: So I take the picture and I assume then it needs to be stored in the library. Then I take return value of the '’Save to picture library'’ and use it as the key for "Get storage item object'’.  My last value that I used as the key looks like this: ph://E31AB958-CEBE-48D7-A96A-C5343C222120/L0/001. It looks like some kind of path. But this nanoflow gives me error that the storage item does not exist. It makes me think that picture library and storage item are not the same thing. Can anyone help please? Where and how do I retrieve this picture? P.S. Taking the picture itself works. It gets stored in my phones gallery. Uploading part is what I can't figure out.   Regards, Manfreds.
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Hi Manfred,

You don't have to retrieve the image because you made it yourself at the beginning of the nanoflow. If you add a sync all activity it should be uploaded to the server. From the FitnessTracker App built in a Mendix webinar is this example: