Mendix & Adobe XD

Hi, not directly a Mendix-question, but related to it. ;-) We will go for new hardware in our team and will also start using Adobe XD. Has someone of you experience with running Studio Pro and XD at the same time? Are 16GB RAM enough or should we go fore more? I found some blog entries on the internet, that XD is a real RAM-eater. :-O I’m worried, that Studio Pro, XD and a possible instance of Postgre overwhelm 16GB memory… Thanks for your feedback!  
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Hi Tjark,

I am running Mx Studio Pro also on a 16 GB RAM machine. Sometimes I also use Adobe XD in parallel with Mendix, but only the final prototype not the Adobe XD studio itself. This combination is working fine for me.  

Mendix Studio Pro + Runtime usually take up to 1-2 GB of RAM for medium-sized projects, PostgreSQL server is almost negligible. So there  should be plenty of RAM left for other Apps and projects. 

Hope that helps.