Find/Set local server time for scheduled events

I *thought* my application’s server was running here in Eastern Standard Time. When I open the logs for my prod instance I can see events happening right now  (10:36am).  However, I hae a scheduled event (a MF sending an email) that was scheduled to run SERVER TIME (not utc time) at 2:30pm. It ran at 9:30am (which would be 2:30pm UTC).   Is the time that’s shown in the logs not neccessarily the same as the server time? Is there a way to tell what the server time is? Is there a way to change the server time?
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Hi Brian,

The logs are in UTC Time, except for the live log:

Are you running a Free App? I think those servers are all located in Ireland, so Server Time is in that case the same as UTC (I couldn't find any documentation on this, maybe someone else knows. On the IP address page it shows that Free Tier is in Ireland.) If you want to send an email on a fixed hour, I can recommend this blogpost

You could also check the Mendix Scheduled Events documentation, on the bottom of the page they discuss the issue as well. Hope this helps.


I am licensed, not free

The problem is in the project settings I set my application to run in EST (GMT -5). I also set the time zone for the scheduler to run as the same. in the model options, my schedules are toggled ON. But my schedules aren’t firing (even when I attach remotely and debug, the breakpoints set on the microflows being called by the schedule aren’t firing).


I JUST want to know if there is a way to determine from the web console what the ACTUAL server time is? Every tmie something doesn’t run, I have to try to figure out whats going on,  and change the schedule time, re check in, re build, re transport, re start, re debug, etc.


 Thought that would be available in the cloud environment details, but couldn’t find it. Is worth a post on the idea forum.

But I did the following to find out the timing myself:

On the live log of one of my environments logged in to the app,

  1. displayed log levels: Selected all
  2. Clicked Show all
  3. Logged in with a user to the app
  4. you get a reasonable set of logs with a date/time moment. Guess that will be your server time at that moment