images in theme/style folder result in 404 (not found errors) after upgrading to 8.14.1 or higher

Hi, I upgraded our project to 8.14.1 but after this upgrade the images used in our sass files for styling (like backgrounds and chevron interface elements) result in a HTTP 404 error. The images are store in the /theme/styles/web/sass/_company/img/ subfolder of our project and are still there but they are no longer served after the upgrade to 8.14.1. In 8.13.2 it still works fine but any higher version result in the images not being served. Is this something that is related to this “ For image and file properties, we now properly perform security access checks” from the release notes? (but in that case I's expect an 401 Unauthorized message). Is there a solution for this problem? Is there a location where we can store company of project specific style/theme images without having to add then in studio to an images_collection. Take care,   Arald
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Hi Arald,

Just place your resources in the theme\img or theme\resources folder and adjust just Sass file accordingly to not get the images from the Sass folders, but ‘higher’ up.

Like so:

.brand-logo {
    background-image: url(../../../img/logo.svg); // Replaced (../../sass/custom/_companyspecific/img/logo.svg)

From the release notes of 8.14: