Search Button - Change Position

Is there a way to change the location of the search button, it is currently at the far right of the search area in the datagrid and I would like to reposition it. Also, is there a way to change how many columns/rows the search area in the datagrid allows? For example on the image below, the user has to scroll to the far right to be able to see the button to search. 
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The search & reset buttons are in a class called: .mx-grid-search-controls within the datagrid.
If you create a custom class on the datagrid and style this class within it you can position it wherever you want. 
You can use the css tool position:absolute for example.

By adjusting the with of the datagrid, the search area becomes smaller with less columns.
You can also create a smaller datagrid by putting it in a lay out grid with 2 columns for example.