search bar and filters for data grid

Hi,  I am querying mysql database using DB connector and creating dynamic objects with results using microflow in the datagrid. I am  not able to add search filters in the data grid. Are search filters not supported for dynamic objects? How can I accomplish search on the results from the query? Any help/pointers is appreciated. Thanks, Manyam
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Hi Manyam, 

Only with datasource Database & Xpath you are able to use the default search options. 

With non persistent entitites it is impossible to use these datasource options so indeed: not possible.

An option could be to create your own search object and make your datasource microflow do the filtering.  Have a look at for an example.


You could also have a look at this widget: but i doubt it will work with Microflow & Non Persisten Entities…

Goodluck with jour Mendix journey.