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Running Mendix studio Pro 8.12 but the Mendix Studio Version selector doesn’t go that high so I just put it here. When attempting to commit my changes from my local to the Mendix repository, I get the following error.  2020-12-03 12:34:48.1560 ERROR lambda_method An error occurred while sending changes to the repository. Commit failed (details follow): (Svn Error Code: SVN_ERR_NODE_UNEXPECTED_KIND) ---> Node 'C:\Users\mallory.macdonald\Documents\Mendix\InterfaceMonitor-main_3\Apps\RMSInterfaceMonitorMendix\Project\web\mxclientsystem' has unexpectedly changed kind (Svn Error Code: SVN_ERR_NODE_UNEXPECTED_KIND) SharpSvn.SvnNodeException: Commit failed (details follow): ---> SharpSvn.SvnNodeException: Node 'C:\Users\mallory.macdonald\Documents\Mendix\InterfaceMonitor-main_3\Apps\RMSInterfaceMonitorMendix\Project\web\mxclientsystem' has unexpectedly changed kind    --- End of inner exception stack trace ---   I’m not sure what has changed there from the last successful commit, but it hasn’t worked since August. Because I’m the only person working on this until this point, I wasn’t too worried about it, and just created a branch line to act as a backup, but now others would like to see the work and I can’t commit it.  Any help or insight here would be greatly appreciated
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I am not sure what the error means, but it sounds to me like something is messed up in your local copy of the project.

You can always remove the entire project folder from disc and then reload the project from teamserver. That could very well fix it. Note that any uncommitted changes will be lost.

I hope this helps.