Custom Error Page - On-Premise hosted app

Hi all, I have been challenged with the task of creating a custom error page for an on-premise hosted Mendix app. I know there is documentation and there is a easy way to do it for apps that are hosted on the Mendix cloud, but how about for on-premise apps? I turned off the app from the Mendix console and saw that I was redirected to a standard Mendix login page (even when the app is fully down). I also saw there are ways to configure a custom error page from IIS (but that one is for when the actual virtual machine is down). What would be the steps to do this for when the app is down from the console and the VM is still up? Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks.
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Following the steps in the documentation should work for the on premise app as well.

You’ll be adding a new page in the theme directory that is deployed either in the cloud or on premise.