Multilevel Listview

Hi, I’m looking for some inspiration how this kind of list multi-level listview could be realized in Mendix. I tried it with listviews and added more listviews to the existing listviews, but that looks odd to me. Did someone create something similiar before and can share his approached (UI and technical perspective)?   Thank you!      
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This looks more like something that could be created with a tree view widget, have you seen this:

Could also be done with listviews within listviews and using groupboxes for the collapsing, this will probably need a lot custom css to style.


Hi Tjark,

I did this once on project where my users were real Excel tigers.. This is how it worked out:

Templategrid header:


Template grids with a _Expand boolean attribute on the shown entities (default false) which could be toggled with the chevron up/down to show or hide the organisational units. This way a user could drill down from Enterprise KPI's al the way to Business  Units KPI's.



Just plain Mendix always works best for me. :)