CheckBox in Dataview

Hi, I have a requirement where I need to enter the residential address such as,         RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS:                                                  1)Address1,                                                  2)Address2,                                                  3)Address3. After that I need a checkbox, if I click the check box the same field Address1, Address2, Address3, should fall for correspondance address.          CORRESPONDANCE ADDRESS:                                                                                                      1)Address1,                                                  2)Address2,                                                  3)Address3.
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Hi Jayshree,

Yes, You can achieve via microflow. 

First, User will be entering some values in Address 1 , Address 2 and Address 3 fields. 

Then when user check the checkbox , connect the on change microflow to the checkbox and copy the values entered in the Address 1, Address 2 and Address 3 fields of residential address to the fields associated to correspondence address.