Render TIF/Very large images in Mendix

I am trying to build a carousel pop-up for the user to click through a number of uploaded images. These images can be TIFs up to 2.5MB in size. There is no problem uploading them since I have set the image upload restriction to 5MB. However, the ‘full images’ cannot be seen with the Image Viewer widget, only their ‘thumbnails.’ Other smaller images can be seen in full, but not these TIFs, I’m guessing because of the size. I tried building a pop-up page with the Carousel widget because it allows me to pass a parameter to the source microflow. Again, the carousel will not display these TIF images, only smaller images. Is there a way to allow these large images to be seen in Mendix? Mendix Studio Version: 8.14.1 Edit: Same behavior even when I manually change the file type from TIF to PNG/JPG before uploading. Below is an example of this display in my image carousel:
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I would be interested as well in a solution. When I try to get the TIF displayed it shows only the following picture. For me this seems that this TIF is not possible to render and therefore Mendix can’t display. Is this correct? Any idea how to fix this?

(Opening the same page below with large jpg file works.)