What is Session Handling in Mendix?

Hi Experts, Can any one tell me  1)What is session handling in mendix? 2)Why we are using it? 3)How  we are using it? I searched for the documentation regarding this but I couldn’t found that. Suggest me or share me any documentation regarding the same. Thanks in Advance!    
1 answers
  1. Exactly the same as session handling in any web application: it is an in-memory object at the client (web browser) that stores some data relevant for the application. The data can contain user information, some keys, all kinds of stuff
  2. Because we can. And also because it is sometimes the only or best option to realize a certain feature. For instance preventing cross-site-request-forgery by storing a CSRF-token in the session.
  3. By creating an association between your object and the entity system.session. Do make sure that you keep the amount of objects limited to prevent performance loss.