Security in 2.5: adding roles

After migrating some projects to 2.5, we're experiencing some diffuculties with the security. Let's say I want to add 2 roles to my project. I've created the roles but this results in more than 200 errors. All of them are related to read access. How can i quickly fix these errors.? Would somebody share their best practices regarding to security in 2.5?
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Security in 2.5 is much better than previous versions, however it takes a little more time. You have to set the entity access per module per entity. You can use the "set all to read" button in order to set all access rights for all selected user roles per entity to read. For now you have to do it for each entity, which might take some time. Setting security for a batch of entities would be a great feature from my point of view.


I'm guessing these errors are related to these roles having access to several forms with entities that they don't have access to. Either don't show these forms to these roles or configure security so they can see the fields in the entities that are shown.