Merge branch v8.17 to mainline 7.9

I want to upgrade an application from 7.9 to 8.17. I created a separate branch for this because I realized it would take lots of changes.  Now I have everything nicely working om my 8.17 Branch. But how do I merge this back into the mainline? What is the best approach? I appreciate any thoughts on this.
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You’re all good so far, your separate 8.17 branch is working fine. Now you can get your app’s main branch from 7.9 to 8.17 following these steps:

  • backup your database (you will need it if you ever want to rollback to 7.9)
  • upgrade your main branch that is still on 7.9 to 8.17
  • click menu ‘Version Control’ > ‘Merge changes here’
  • select ‘Merge feature branch’
  • select your separate 8.17 branch and merge it to your main branch

Hi Arne – first create another branch of the mainline and stet by step upgrade it to 8.17.

Merge this once tested into your mainline. And merge your modification branch line 8.17 into your mainline 8.17.


Regards, Boris