Soap webservice mapping adds associations as unwanted layers

Hi all. When trying to implement a (soap) webservice, I use mendix's own mapping tool. When doing so, the mapper automatically generates a structure with additional layers because associations are also added as tags. For example, consider the following structure: <item>     <subitem>         <secondsub>     </secondsub>     </subitem> </item> In my domain model, I have the following: item --assoc--> subitem --assoc--> secondsub In this case all relation are one2many. One item has 1 or more subitems. One subitem contains 1 or more secondsub's. Mendix tends to create the following scruture: <item>     <item_subitem_assoc>     <subitem>         <subitem_secondsub_assoc>         <secondsub>     </secondsub>         </subitem_secondsub_assoc>     </subitem>     </item_subitem_assoc> </item> These tags provide additional layers that are not expected. Top level I was able to leverage the "parameters" functionality, so I could effectively expect a list of subitems. This is however impossible for the nested secondsub. Since I'm workign with a predefined standard, I'm unable to change anything in the structure from the message perspective. How can I solve this?
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The additional tags for the associations can be left out via the settings, assuming you are publishing a service.