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We want to use anonymous browsing and so we've created a sign-in microflow. What do we have to do in this microflow? we're getting an error which is telling us that a sign in microflow needs 2 parameters. Why do we need 2 parameters instead of an expression: $currentUser/IsAnonymous And how can we combine this microflow with the startpage in the navigation.
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After you’ve created a user role of type ‘Guest User’ you can add a sign-in microflow at “Project security”. You have to set the security level to Prototype / demo or Production. The tab “Anonymous users” will appear. Within this tab you’re able to select a sign in microflow. You’re custom sign-in microflow should contain 2 parameters: 1.) AnonymousUser and 2.) SignedInUser (case sensitive). After that, you can model your own login logic and combine this with opening a start page.