EmailTokens replaced, but revert when Queued

I have some strange behavior with EmailTemplates. I’m trying to send an email to the queue. I use templates and tokens. My template for the htmlbody looks as such:    A new form has been submitted for {%projectnumber%} / {%project%}   WHen I go into debug mode I pause right after I call the java action to replace the tokens and when I dig into the email and look at the html body I can clearly see that the htmlbody of the email is   <p>A new form has been submitted for <span style="background-color: rgb(246, 246, 246);">12345</span> / <span style="background-color: rgb(246, 246, 246);">Test Project</span></p>   The status is set to queued and it hasn’t been sent yet. SO when I go into the app, into the emailtemplate config and view the queue’d emails I can see my email but when I click on it, the body shows   A new form has been submitted for {%projectnumber%} / {%project%}   It REVERTED back to before the tokens were replaced. Why would it do this? Just to be sure I actually call the microflow to send the email and sure enough these placeholder names are in the body of the email instead.      
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GOT IT! Duh…. just had to COMMIT after replacing tokens. 


Leaving this embarassing post here in case anyone else comes across this issue.