Text in text area not show

Hi all, I want to show up “Commit Time” and “Evaluation Time” which are in DateandTime entity when I click Commit or Evaluate button. I made Microflows to get time data of commit and evaluate and they dont have any error when they work. But text dont show up at all.   I’ve made three entitis, associations and a page like this example pic below. I know that if I delete “SampleVisibility” entity and re-create the outermost dataview as “DateandTime” entity, it would work. but I need to have samplevisibility entity for my work so need to get other ideas.     Any ideas?  Thanks.
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There is no need to have the layout grid containing Commit time and Evaluation time positioned inside the Student-Dataview. Check what happens if you copy the to outside the Student-Dataview. The dates will probably show up.

And just to know what is going on, add Column1 and Column2 as well to the SampleVisibility-Dataview.

Something else: the Student-Datagrid that you retrieve from database is oddly placed inside the SampleVisibility-Dataview. I would expect it outside the SampleVisibility-Dataview since the two are not related.