Mendix SDK - Get qualifiedName of a MicroflowParameterObject

Hello, is there any way to get the qualifiedName of an MicroflowParameterObject? I would like to get the name of the module and the name of the Entity in case that the MicroflowParameterObject is an object or a list.   Best regards.
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Hi Dmitrij,

If by qualifiedName you mean the name as seen in the modeler you can get this from the json, I think the property is called variableName.
If you want to see which entity this parameter refers to this is a bit more complicated.

For entities that are part of a normal module or an app service the guid of the entity would be stored. You would need to check all entities to see which one matches the guid (do not forget about app services because they have their own domain model).
For System entities instead the name is stored as they are technically not part of the model.


In this documentation, which you have probably seen, there lacks a model.getQualifiedName option, so I guess the only option is to call “model.allModules”, and looping over the models to check if “model.findXXXByQualifiedName()” gives a result or not.


Thank you for your both helpful answers.

Simplyfied my code looks like this:

function objectInformation(object: microflows.MicroflowObject) {

    if (object instanceof microflows.MicroflowParameterObject) {

The problem I am confronted with is, that from the second if-clause I can’t get any acces to the chosen entity (if an entity is chosen). For me it seems like that as Tim answered there is just a part missing in the SDK. Of course I might be wrong!


Best regards.