Version Rapid Developer Course Paths

I am currently trying to follow the Rapid Developer Course, but the examples in the paths don't match the version I am using (which is the version they use at my work, Studio Pro 8.17.0). Especially the right column, including the ‘Toolbox’ section and ‘Properties’ do not match with the examples of the paths, for example path 3.4.1. Is it possible to change the examples of the Rapid Developer Course to the specific version we use at work? I would really benefit from learning the right version.
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Most of the examples in the course are equal to how it is in 8.17. In the case of 3.4.1. it is certainly the same.

Maybe you have switched the desktop & mobile view?


No, that is not possible.

Be aware of the difference between Studio and Studio pro. The page 3.4.1 that you refer to shows a screenshot of “Mendix Studio” which is the web version. "Mendix Studio Pro” is the desktop version.