Object not refreshing in popup, but is refreshing in background

I have the following page, where you can see the sizes associated to a product. A number represents the amount to order. Because this is a tablet app we chose to work with buttons rather than a fill-in field. So when clicking on a number you will get a popup where you can adjust the numbers: However, when pressing the +5 button the amount in the popup does not change, but on the page behind it does: The (rather simple) microflow I use for this is as follows: https://modelshare.mendix.com/models/57087596-dcd5-49da-9fa4-31cf486edab4/colorlinesizeplus5 Edit: I changed the +1 microflow to close and reopen the popup, but kept all the other microflows the same (just a refresh). When the popup initially opens the +5 buttons do not refresh the number, however after I use the +1 button once (this closes the popup and opens a new one). In the new window whenever I press the +5 button the popup refreshes normally. Solution: The button to open the popup had action:show page. Changing this to a microflow which simply opens the page solved the issue
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Assuming you have MF running on the buttonclicks?

Just make sure there is a CLOSE FORM and a CALL FORM for the pop-up with the changed value.

You might want to edit the link to incorporate the modelshare, btw