No acces to entity

  Hello, I get following error, although i have the right user roles.. Can somebody help me?   Best regards
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Yep, the accessrights of Mendix take some getting used to.

The "Admin, User” roles shown in the popup of entity Asset are the Module Roles.

The "Admin, User” roles shown in the error are the Project Roles.

You still need to connect the two. Project role Admin to Module role Admin and Project role User to Module role User.

To do so:

  • go to the Project Explorer in Mendix Studio Pro
  • just below Project ‘MindShepeManagementConnector’ click Security,
  • click tab User roles (which will show you a list of project roles)
  • doubleclick each project role and add them the Module role that you need to add

Hello Tim,

it works. Thanky you!!!


kind regards