Change on appservices come as Modified

I have an existing application in which lots of appservices are modeled. When i update the project now(i dont have any changes mine, just updating to get the new data) i get updates but 1 of appservices are marked as Modified in my modeler, even though i have not touched them. What could be the reason for this?(for example there was another thing which came as Modified when the java comment for any file was earlier *// This file was generated by Mendix Business Modeler. But in Modeler 5.21.1 it was changed to // This file was generated by Mendix Modeler.)
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Maybe it is similar to the update with the java source files. If the modeler changes the comment automatically this will be picked up as a change. Maybe the modeler changed something non essential in the app service (like the comment line in the java files) and this will be seen as a change although nothing functional has changed. If you want be sure file a ticket with support as you can't see the change from the modeler perspective and this might be something internal that Mendix should be able to comment on.