Grid with detail drill down

Hi, i’m currently gonna build a grid that able to drill down the detail in grid, meaning Parent Grid drill down child grid when click the + , like an example below:   is there any one know how to do it in Mendix? or is there any ready plug in from app store?   Thanks.
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No, this is not available as far as i know. Mendix can use more variant of their parent-child views, like you are going to create. So when you are finished, please add it to the AppStore.

My way to go would be to create a list view with a layout having it’s first line show the parent-attributes, the second line showing a container with a dataview showing the child details and make the container show/hide using dynamic class which switches the class based on the select-boolean you have in the parent-object.

The dynamic classes function is frontend and changes the class not only at page setup but also upon changing the select-boolean.

Keep performance in mind. If you have a lot of parents with a lot of children, the amount of data to be retrieved will become a performance issue.