Testing app in multiple language

Hi all, I added German language in my Mendix app. I am new and could not figure out how to test. I selected German as default and started the app locally from the Studio Pro but always starts in English. will appreciate if you can help: How to start and test app in different language? How to start the app so that it selects the language based on users windows language? Let user select language as a menu. 
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What did you put in your project settings?

And when creating a new user retrieve the default language and set that for that new user. If you want your users to be able to chang this create a page where they can select their language.





Hi Ronald,

Hi have the language settings similar to yours. Is there a way to specify language to default users (admin or user)?



Hi, yes you can add a default language for all user upon creation

In the NewAccount microflow (which creates a user for a blank app, microflow could be different in your app) add the following Retrieve from Database:

Then in the Create Account action, set the User_language association to $Language.


Maybe it's not exactly what your mean, but I hope it helps.