Unable to resolve module `react-native-firebase`

Hi All,   I am trying to add push notifications to my native app. While bundling the app, I get the following error: dsf error Unable to resolve module `react-native-firebase` from `widgets\com\mendix\widget\native\notifications\Notifications.js`: react-native-firebase could not be found within the project. I went through the instructions of adding push notifications multiple times top to bottom and I honestly don’t know what could have been missed.   Anybody has an idea on how to fix this?   I am using Studio Pro 9.0.2.   Update: I downloaded 8.17.1 version of Mendix Studio Pro and started with the instructions from scratch (even creating new app), but unfortunately it did not allow me to add Push Notification capability - “This version of Native App Template does not support this capability”. → creating a new app from web dashboard resolved this issue. In all versions: 8.17.0, 8.17.1, and 9.0.2, Native Builder reports the issue of not supported capability for an app created from Studio Pro.   Best regards, Paulina  
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