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Hello,   I use a list view to show the latest values of my mindsphere data which i get via REST Call. In the time series widget, I can choose the refresh intervall for refresh the REST Call.   Currently I am using a button (which calls the microflow for the Rest call) for refresh the data in the list view.   But is there a better way to refresh the list view data? Or is the way with the button the only one?   best regards
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If your listview is inside a dataview, refreshing that dataview object within a microflow (change object with refresh in client) will trigger the listview to refresh as well.

Another option would be to call the refreshClass action from CommunityCommons in a microflow, in that case you want to refresh the object type of the list to refresh the items of that type on your page. 

CommunityCommons are available as a module in the mendix appstore.



There is a widget in the app store “Microflow TImer”. I think it will suit your requirement of periodic refresh. Using the microflow timer, you can call a microflow at a defined interval. In that microflow, you can continue your logic of checking new data and updating the entity which is connected to list view. When new data is added, a refresh in client option will reload the list view data

P.S: Sometimes template grid can replace the list view. You can configure the UI inside template grid to look closer to a list view. And benefit is template grid has refresh interval option by default. Still if your requirement is using list view, then use a microflow timer widget on that page


Hey Umar,


Yes thats exactly what I am looking for.
But the microflow which I will call at a defined intervall returns an object and not a boolean.
The microflow timer needs a microflow which returns a boolean. Is there a possibility to work around this rule?


best regards!


In my case, I display data from Siemens Mindsphere via a List view.
The microflow which I am calling gets the latest values from Mindsphere via REST Call and returns a list of an entity with the data.

But is it not possible to refresh a microflow which hasn’t a boolean value for return? I can’t return a boolean value within my microflow.

My current solution: I created a new microflow which calls the microflow (which I want to refresh) and returns always false. And in the “Microflow timer” I am calling this microflow. 
That should work I gues?


Best regards