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Been reading around trying to figure out if there is a way of disabling the button and applying the disabled attribute until the user resolves all issues. For example if it was a form that failed validation. Need this button or that other button disabled and not disabling all the actions so that even if the user wanted to cancel they can do that. This is proving to be a difficult thing to achieve but yet so simple. I have looked at microflow approaches and some of the old suggestions are not suitable. Why isn’t disabling a button based on an attribute or condition supported? Similar to visibility but in this case we are applying a disabled attribute and may be a css class to indicate that the button is disabled.
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You can use dynamic classes feature to dynamically apply disabled class to a button based on any condition. In the condition you can make decision based on context entity attributes just like we do in the visibility expression. 
I think disabled class is available in default classes. If it does not work, try creating a custom CSS class, set that class on the button in your dynamic class expression. And in CSS code, use disabled property to disable button. 

Further if you want to fake the functionality of disabled attribute with CSS, use


For info on dynamic classes and CSS, also see this answer