Dropdown for Non Related Entities

How to get dropdown of Teachers on User without creating relation between User and Teacher.
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What is the goal of the drop down?

I assume you want to select a Teacher in the dropdown. That selection must represent something. 

If you want to relate the user with a teacher in Mendix, an association is used. Not using a association is possible by hacking around:

  1. retrieve a list and show it in a list
  2. Add that list inside the dataview.
  3. On select run a microflow which sets the User/Name according the Teacher/Name

Consuming the referenced Teacher data

  1. Use the User/Name to get the Teacher Object by a retrieve from database.


But as you see, that’s quite a hassle for something which is designed using the associations as we know in Mendix.

So my advise: use an association and unleash the power of Mendix.

Another advise: take the available learning paths to understand how Mendix works; https://academy.mendix.com/link/path/31/Become-a-Rapid-Developer 



Use a datasource microflow to retrieve the values and return that list.