Listen to Widget on dataview not working

Hi, i am trying to have a data view with Listen to Widget based on a list view. i have a button on the list view, when i click on this button the record is not getting selected and so because of this Listen to widget is not working (Data view not getting refreshed as parent list record is not selected). If anyone faced similar issue please help me with a resolution on this.
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The ‘listen to’ option works on selecting the listview item. My understanding here is, that when you click the button within the listview item, the item itself does not get selected, hence the dataview is not populated.

Two ways of resolving this:
1. Remove the button and let the user selet the listview item by just clicking on the listview block

2. Use an association. For example use a helper entity on the page with a helper association to the listview entity. With the button you can the call a microflow, set the association and refresh the helper object. In the dataview you can then show this object over association.